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The Humane Space brings curiosity, wonder, and awe to businesses who want to spark creativity, innovation, and connectedness.

All-in-one lifelong learning, mental health and wellbeing benefits.

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Completely unique benefits that combine lifelong learning and wellness.

We offer completely unique and inexpensive wellness health benefits that combine education, creativity, curiosity, mental health, and wellbeing.

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We help teams in varying locations connect in authentic ways.

We provide content to start authentic conversations, give bite-sized daily lifelong learning, and take much-needed brain breaks.

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Create a more curiosity-driven culture.

In our internal research, 85% of employees said increasing workplace curiosity would improve their job satisfaction and performance, ability to innovate, and desire to stay with the company.

How it works.

We offer three ways to bring lifelong learning, mental health and wellness benefits to your team.

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Lifelong Learning Communications

We provide content for your communications channels to use as conversation-starters, brain breaks, or team engagement, all focused on lifelong learning, curiosity, and awe.

We easily integrate into your channels like email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or even push notifications, and focus on a wide range of topics that jump-start authentic exchanges, prompt staff to think creatively, and stimulate minds.

We offer healthy brain breaks that provide an alternative to doom-scrolling social channels.
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The Humane Space App

Our app makes lifelong learning a daily practice.

Our app brings a daily practice of lifelong learning, curiosity and awe to off-hours. With daily 10-minute segments, users have access to a wealth of information that is awe-inspiring and all about living more curious and meaningful lives.

Corporate clients benefit from affordable, high-volume subscription rates.
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The Humane Space Sound Library

An easy-to-access web-based Sound Library of audio experiences like Mind Journeys™ (guided imagery visualizations to places like the Grand Canyon or Acadia National Park in Maine), soothing soundscapes that combine nature with originally composed music, and Awe Walks™, awe-inspired audio experiences to take advantage of the mental and physical benefits of walking.

Unique and soothing sound experiences for relaxation, increased mental health, and connecting with the world around us.

How The Humane Space brings curiosity into the everyday.


A quick-hit burst of linguistics that helps listeners think about language in a new and fun way. It’s like a dictionary, but fun.


Cardio for the mind. We focus on topics ranging from astronomy to technology to geology. Immerse invites you to look at these topics from an outward perspective—to connect with the outside world in a fresh way.

Deep Think

Strengthen your mind through reflective thinking to create a healthy interior life. We conclude with guided introspection prompts to flex and stretch the mind and connect you to your true self.

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Deep Think

Mind Stretch. Guided deep thinking exercises cultivate wonder and contemplation. From creativity prompts to soundwalks to playful thought experiments, Deep Think broadens your perspective and connects you to your truest self.


Mind Cardio. Flex your curiosity muscles as you dive into topics ranging from fungi to philosophy. Discover new interests and chart a path to lifelong learning.


Mind Warm-Up. Written by a poet, Lingo is a series of short, stimulating audio stories that teach you a new word every day. This unique listening experience energizes your mind, inviting you to reflect on how language shapes our world.

“If you change only one habit this year, strive to be more curious. It might make you happier and perform better at work...”

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“It felt as if the curiosity I experienced in childhood of the world around me had a chance, in the quiet, to be heard once more.”

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The impact of curiosity
in the workplace.

In research conducted by The Humane Space, we asked 500 US adults about how they viewed the role of curiosity in the workplace. An overwhelming majority reported positive outcomes from increased curiosity in the workplace. This was confirmed in research published in Harvard Business Review.

% who responded as somewhat or very positively

Job Satisfaction


Desire to Continue Working
for the Company


Ability to Innovate


Job Performance



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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Humane Space

What is The Humane Space?

The Humane Space is a lifestyle company dedicated to enriching your inner world through curiosity, awe, and lifelong learning. Through The Humane Space app, we curate multimedia stories and thoughtful daily prompts that feed curiosity and widen perspective, encouraging you to consider the worlds beyond and within.

Why is lifelong learning important?

Lifelong learning is a form of voluntary, self-motivated education that typically takes place outside of a formal educational institution, such as a school or university. According to Procedia, a social and behavioral science journal, lifelong learning “not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship and individual development, but also increases competitiveness and employability.” Research suggests that lifelong learning can keep our brains healthy and increase our sense of fulfillment and self-esteem.

Why is it important to live more curiously?

Curiosity is an often overlooked key to greater fulfillment in life. It’s correlated with higher levels of positive emotions, lower levels of anxiety, and greater psychological well-being. Of the 24 character strengths measured by the Via Institute On Character, curiosity was one of the most strongly linked to life satisfaction, work satisfaction, living a pleasurable life, living an engaging life, and living a meaningful life.

Why is it important to incorporate awe into my daily life?

Experiencing awe has been found to increase feelings of well-being,life satisfaction and sense of meaning. A 2021 study found that people who feel more awe reported feeling lowered levels of daily stress – suggesting that the sense of vastness that awe elicits can help put our worries into perspective.

Where is your company based?

The Humane Space is based in Rockland, Maine. Our team is located across the United States and Mexico.

The Humane Workspace

What types of companies do you work with?

We work with companies of all sizes⁠—from startups to large corporations. We also work in specific areas with medical facilities and hospitality properties. Send us a message for more information at

Do you offer a free trial for businesses?

We do! Depending on the service you're interested in, we will create a trial plan that works for your organization.

We want custom programming or content, do you offer that?

We do. Every client's needs are different and we're big believers in crafting a plan that best fits your organization. Get in touch and we'll talk about how we can create a custom solution for you! Reach out to